Timeline Milestone: Q Civil War (April 2372-May 2373)

Timeline Milestones are events and repercussions in the established timeline that affect your crew. This often is an improvement or other change that affects your game during specific periods of time (or other timelines or alternate realities your campaign may end up in). You can grant it alongside other Milestone awards.


The Q Civil War began in the Voyager episode “Death Wish“, which took place on Stardate 49301.2 (April 20, 2372), when the Q known as Quinn committed suicide. His death prompted some of the Q to champion Quinn’s cause of individualism and freedom (the Freedom Faction), while the other Q stayed with the status quo.

The Q Civil War was explained in the episode “The Q and the Grey“, and resolved on Stardate 50392.7 (May 24, 2373). Voyager encountered many supernovae more than usual, side effects of the Q Civil War. As the two factions of the Q Continuum try to destroy each other with unimaginable weapons, it’s simultaneously creating supernovae across the galaxy, as well as other dangers from their pitched battle. Q wished to stop the war by creating a child with Janeway, but in the end, Q and the female Q mate instead, to creating a child who would bring a new era of peace to the Continuum and put an end to the Q Civil War.

Immediately after the “Death Wish” incident, you may invoke the Timeline Milestone Q Civil War to allow the following changes.

Unlike other more obvious Timeline Milestones, the actual cosmic struggle affecting the galaxy is unknown (except to those who have had dealings with Q during that period). You may let your players know that something’s changed starting April 20, 2372, having galactic repercussions that are intensifying.



As a result of the cosmic struggle for supremacy, there is chaos and upheaval everywhere during the period of Q Civil War. As this is a cosmic battle, there’s no escaping it anywhere. Between 49301.2 and 50392.7, increase all Complication Ranges by 1.


Also, stellar phenomena, especially supernovae, are more common and dangerous, and arise spontaneously during the Q Civil War. At the start of each mission during the Q Civil War (or at your discretion), roll one Challenge Die if it’s 2372. Roll two Challenge Dice if it’s 2373. The GM may roll these in secret.

Each Effect rolled indicates a sudden stellar phenomenon that was unanticipated, and the total rolled indicates the Class of the hazard. These hazards may suddenly occur at any point of the adventure as you decide. You may choose or roll on the table below for type of phenomena:

1-3  Solar Flare
4-8  Ion Storm
9-12  Nova
13-16  Subspace Rift
17-20  Supernova


During the Q Civil War, due to the increased volume of stellar phenomena data suddenly available to those observing them, allow anyone with a Focus in Astrometrics, Astrophysics, Stellar Cartography, and the like, to gain one bonus Momentum that can only be used on the Obtain Information Momentum Spend, for any Tasks that involve using those Focuses on stellar phenomena.



  1. Tony, couldn’t this be experienced at any time? I mean the “Q” live outside the time stream, or at least move through it, so whenever your crew runs into one… you’re pretty much in the Civil War.

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