Timeline Milestone: By Inferno’s Light (July-December 2373)


Timeline Milestones are events and repercussions in the established timeline that affect your crew. This often is an improvement or other change that affects your game during specific periods of time (or other timelines or alternate realities your campaign may end up in). You can grant it alongside other Milestone awards.


This Timeline Milestone is By Inferno’s Light. The Cardassian Union formally joins the Dominion. This triggers the restoration of the Khitomer Accords. Also, the Maquis are systematically eradicated by the Jem’Hadar during this time. In a few months’ time, the Dominion would take over Deep Space 9. Sisko mined the wormhole at the end of this Timeline Milestone. Next was the start of open war. During this time of growing threat, they secure non-aggression pacts with the Tholian Assembly, the Miradorn, Bajor, and the Romulan Star Empire.

The Timeline Milestone By Inferno’s Light begins on Stardate 50564.2 (July 2373), with the episode “By Inferno’s Light”, and ends on Stardate 50975.2 (December 2373), with the episode “Call to Arms”.



Efforts at diplomacy across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are hampered by the Dominion actively undermining the Federation and the Klingon Empire’s alliances.

Representatives of the Federation and the Klingon Empire increase Difficulty to negotiate or reason with any governments or their officials by +1, if the government in question is aware of the looming war. Their attempts to negotiate or reason with the Dominion (including now the Cardassian Union) is +3 Difficulty.


During this time, Starfleet is acutely aware of the impending war, and is preparing the fleets for the inevitable engagement with the Dominion. Upgrading their starships and starbases is a priority.

Once during this Timeline Milestone, especially during a starbase visit if it’s a starship, the crew may elect to swap one of their current Ship Talents for one of the following combat-oriented or crisis-support Ship Talents (for free), as long as their ship meets the prerequisites for the Talent. The GM may decide that only a subset is available to the players, at their discretion.

  • Advanced Shields
  • Advanced Sickbay
  • Command Ship (Command 3+)
  • Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Fast Targeting Systems (Security 3+)
  • Improved Damage Control
  • Improved Hull Integrity
  • Improved Impulse Drive
  • Improved Shield Recharge (Security 3+)
  • Quantum Torpedoes
  • Rapid-Fire Torpedo Launcher
  • Redundant Systems

For an Admiralty game, it is GM’s discretion whether to allow more than one ship to receive this bonus.

If you are running a Starbase game (or if a Starbase is part of your game in addition to a starship), the crew may choose from the same list, but cannot choose Improved Impulse Drive. Instead, it may choose from the following from page 95 of the Command Division sourcebook:

  • Enhanced Defense Grid
  • Firebase
  • Sturdy Construction


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