Teasers: The Best Pilot In The Galaxy

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For those of you who are new here, allow me to explain.

You just hit play on your favorite Star Trek show.

The show starts with the characters walking out of holodeck chatting about some hilarious misadventure (DS9: “Inquisition“); or an away team returns from a first contact mission that didn’t go so well (VOY: “Macrocosm“); or a crew member shows off a skill or talent that impresses, or fails to impress, fellow crew members. (TNG: “Second Chances“)

These show openers are referred to as “teasers”. A teaser is a short introductory story that does not necessarily play into the main campaign. It is usually used to “humanize” characters, giving readers deeper insight into their personalities or everyday activities.

As such, I think Star Trek Adventures needs a Teaser Compendium. This is one of many very short stories; never more than a page or two, never more than two or three dice rolls (if even that). Hopefully, they spice up your campaigns and create some memorable moments.

The Best Pilot in the Galaxy


“The Best Pilot In The Galaxy” is a teaser adventure for Star Trek Adventures. This adventure is mean to be played by a gamemaster and 1-3 players. It is best used to start a current campaign. It may be inserted during a lull in the action, if appropriate.

To run this adventure, the gamemaster needs to be familiar with the adventure itself and the Star Trek Adventures rules.


One of every great flight controller’s dreams is to be able to pilot their vessel in a challenging race versus other skilled pilots. This teaser allows your crew’s flight controller to test his skills against other alien pilots. Whoever wins will become famed through the quadrant as the best pilot there is.

The rules of this race allow a flight controller, navigator, and science officer or command officer to participate. (The science officer would play the role of scanning for hazards.)

Any character can assume the positions. It doesn’t have to be the normal flight controller. There might be other characters, including the captain, who have a penchant for piloting and are eager to earn this title.


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