Dormant Life—A Standalone Mission from Peter Shephard

I like Star Trek Adventures fan for so many reasons. One reason is that they are just lovers of gaming and people like you and me. I always enjoy asking fans who submit stuff for the site to tell me about themselves. Why do I like it? Because they are like us! They don’t need huge vainglorious titles or some epic resume working in the industry. They are passionate fans who are ESSENTIAL to Star Trek and keeping the game alive!

Peter said, “I’ve GM’ed two campaigns, one based in the Dominion Wars as part of a deep-strike aggressor mission (Akira Class), and one pre-Dominion War Science-ship (Nova class) which is currently running. The group is small, with only three players plus myself, based in the North West of the UK, and play a couple of times a month via Skype / Roll20 since the pandemic. Three of the group are proper Trekkies, and the fourth is a new-Trekkie, but a keen roleplayer. I’ve been playing RPGs since the mid-90s, originally with 2nd Ed AD&D, and have GM’ed several campaigns.”

And here is his fan submission standalone module. If you play it, comment here with your play report.

Peter, keep ’em coming!


Tasked with investigating strange behavior from a standard, minimally explored, star system within Federation space, the crew will have to investigate an interstellar mystery from millennia ago, establish where the Prime Directive starts and ends, and risk life and death to save those who cannot save themselves. All departments will have the opportunity to showcase their skills, depending on the decisions of the crew.

This mission is primarily a Blue Plot mission, specifically a combination Near Space Exploration and Planetary Exploration mission. It was written for a science vessel, but any Federation ship other than a Defiant Class or Runabout/shuttle should be equipped to at least attempt the mission. It is possible to run this mission with limited Security personnel, with minimal changes. Although this is primarily written for TNG/TOS era, it can be easily modified for ENT era and, although written for Alpha or Beta Quadrant, can be adjusted for Delta or Gamma Quadrant ships with minor changes.

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