NEW MISSION MODULE: Best Crew in the Galaxy

One of our fans asked that we convert one of our teasers, the Best Pilot in the Galaxy, into a full-blown module. Well, here it is.


One of every great flight controller’s dreams is to be able to pilot their vessel in a challenging race versus other skilled pilots. This story allows your crew’s flight controller and the crew to test their skills against other alien crews. Whoever wins will become famed through the quadrant as the best crew there is. However, the hazards in the Wairara star system have made for three amazing race courses that push the limits for even the best officers. The ship will be tested. The crew will be under pressure. One mistake could cost the race, or in some cases, the life of the crew.

The adventure begins when the crew runs into the Wairarapoo, a warp-capable race of engineers who base their faith on The Great Race, the belief that overcoming constant challenge drives the spirit of life and advancement. One of their longest-held and most cherished traditions when meeting a new species is to offer them to race in the Wairarapoo Star System, three specially-plotted courses through the outer edges of their system replete with asteroid belts, gravity wells, short-period comets, gaseous anomalies, and even a temporal-particle stream. 

It is the temporal-particle steam that really makes this adventure one for the crew to remember as they are tossed into their pasts and must relive the most intense experiences of their life. Success can only be had by escaping past trials with the experience they gained over the years of service to Starfleet and returning to the present race.

Once back to the present time, the crew must close out the race in a final, and possibly, deadly challenge.


  1. So…why does the “Final Showdown” part of the Wairara Nightmare race show up in the beginning of the race rather than the end? Final means “last,” not first! 😛

    1. Oops. Typo from the Teaser which covered just the last end of the race. I like you. You’re a good editor.

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