Miniatures Options by Jean Jeori

One of our talented readers wrote to us with some fantastic resources. They do a lot of great Photoshop work, such as the map below and the miniatures elements. Feel free to use these in your own campaign or use Jean’s instructions below to make your own!

Using elements like this are perfect for Roll20 or for your tabletop game with a cardstock printer. You can even combine these with a projector to make a mutable electronic map to interact with your minis!

About the Contributor

Jean is a 45 years old medical imaging technician, married with 2 kids. They DM a lot for the kids, usually around the holidays, and they’ve tried an impressive spready of games including Star Wars (d20 and Fantasy Flight versions), D&D (editions 2e through 4e), Pathfinder, d20 Conan D20, Call of Cthulhu, Gumshoe, Shadowrun (2e through 4e), and Savage World.  Of course there’s also Star Trek (the Icon and Decipher versions as well as a homebrew version using Savage World and Gumshoe).

Now Jean has jumped headfirst into Star Trek Adventures with a monthly group that’s currently in its 7th season. And they’ve had some amazing adventures, as Jean wrote to tell me:

  • Marazin (Season 1): The group started in a Defiant ship that got sucked up by an alien race in a  radiated nebula. The aliens needed the radiation so they could not leave it, however it killed other races slowly. All the alien ships where parked in an orderly fashion and had almost no power due to enormous energy dampening fields.  At the end of the season they escaped he nebula and they where in the Delta Quadrant.
  • The Borg War (Season 2): The crew find a faint Starfleet signal in the delta quadrant. After investigation they find a modified Type 10 shuttle (limited slipstream drive and a destroyed time traveling device) but to the sensor readings date the crash 150 year ago. In the shuttle they find a message from the pilot that the federation will be attacked by the Borg on 6/4/2382. They will arrive in a new type of ship named the Borg Pyramid which is about 20 times a Borg Cubes and unstoppable. The construction is now in full progress. The pilot steals a shuttle from the research facility Delta New Era setup by Admiral Janeway when she got back from the Delta Quadrant. He made a calculation fault in the stress of the assault and landed 150 years to early.  with his final breath he recorded the message and set the controls to begin emitting in a 150 years.  At the end of the season the crew succeeded at gathering a massive army and assaulted the Borg on their home turf, destroying the pyramid in the process. The Borg still invaded federation space but they were able to push them back.
  • New Beginning (Season 3): The crew makes contact with an alien race known as the Randairi. They ask them to help them because there base of operation is a federation starbase. They learn that the Randairi are the mortal enemies of the Vadwaar, and that the base appeared to them during their last battle. The Vadwaar released a virus that was killing the Randairi so the starbase captain created some sort of stasis field and froze everybody in time and cloaked the base. This base is near a temporal nebula and when the crew approached they were catapulted in the past and where partially responsible for the starbase appearing in this region. The base was named USS Alexandria and the researched its history. Originally the base was destroyed by a supernova during the dominion war. The supernova was a plan of a changeling to destroy all of the forces present (Klingon, Romulan, and Federation). The crew violated the temporal prime directive and evacuated the entire base and armada through the temporal portal that got them there. just before the Supernova hit the starbase it interfered with the temporal portal and send it 1000 years back during the confrontation with the Randairi and the Vadwaar. The crew and the entire armada of Federation, Klingon, and Romulan ships appeared in the Delta quadrant. They release the Randairi form there stasis field and found a dimensional portal to an underwater dimension where the Randiari live. The crew must work together with the Klingon and Romulans to operate the base. All goes well and it was a time for discovery and scientific research. But on one of their missions they found a giant automated ship that transported survivors of another galaxy. There galaxy was taken over by a deadly virus that converted people into zombie like creatures that can be mentally controlled by a mysterious being. The ship manifest stated that it is full of stasis pods with healthy subjects. But somehow the virus got out and started terrorizing the ship. The crew was nearly killed but escaped with a young girl that seems immune to the virus. They also find out that the mysterious being is on its way to this galaxy. The crew battled the virus on several planets and confronted the mysterious enemy (planet sized) and defeated him in the process.
  • Dark Times (Season 4): After a successful mission they accidentally created a wormhole where they can be transported through. They named the wormhole “Djinx Wormhole” after the one of the playing characters the Joined Trill scientist Yedrin Djinx. Contact with the federation is made after a long time. They must go back to the federation where they were accused of breaking several federation laws. the crew got separated and convicted for their crimes. Later on they were contacted by Starfleet intelligence and faked there escape. They were given the order of finding and bringing to justice a terrorist organization calling themselves “Avengers of the past”. This terroristic organization wreak havoc across the federation with assassinations and bomb attempts. At the end they found out that it was a brilliant federation scientist that created the organization. His sector was heavily out manned during the Borg Invasion that as a result wasted the planet. The federation didn’t send reinforcements even after several pleas of their government. Just before the Borg Invasion he found an advanced powerful artifact of an ancient civilization of unknown origin in a bunker under the ground that was linked to some gigantic hidden space station. During the invasion he wanted to escape but an explosion killed his wife and only child and left him deadly injured. In a flash of brilliance, he used and coupled the device to some sort of stasis chamber, and transferred his mind into some sort of energy being capable of interfering with computers and machinery. He transferred himself to hat station. He wanted revenge against the people that made the decision not to help them, and creates the terrorist organization that serves his purpose. He recruits men and woman from different stellar powers. They do not know for whom they work, but they will fight for the cause to the dead. Most of them are connected in some sort to losses during the Borg assault or the dominion war. At the end they succeeded at stopping the organization but found out that he saved 30 children when he first activated the alien device. He transported them out but the systems overloaded and where destroyed. He only knows that they were transported safely into the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant.
  • To the Rescue (Season 5): The crew and one ship got transported to the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant in an attempt to find the children. At the end they find the lost children and confronted an xenophobic stellar power known as the Lorni. The captain of the ship losses his wife in the process.
  • The Search (Season 6): The crew gets home from the Beta Quadrant and gets reinstated. They are personally called back to the Delta Quadrant by the emperor of the Randiari. They have troubles with an expiation and aggressive alien race called the Miltarin Empire. During a scientific exploration mission of the underwater dimension they found an ancient Randairi submarine that hold an artifact. The captains wife first child from another relation got sapped by the device and gets transformed. The device is some sort of prophesy that foretells the end of the underwater world and the search for a new home. The underwater station got hit by an enormous pressure wave, that repeats itself on an increasing manner. The crew must find a new home that can house an entire population while confronting the Miltarin. At the end of the season the Miltarin had advanced and destroyed the wormhole. The crew found a new just in time like the prophecy said. There new base of operation is a Disone sphere.
  • The Sphere (Season 7, Starting End of February): The crew must investigate the sphere and it surroundings.

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