Replicator Resource: Form-Fillable Type-9 Shuttle Paper Miniature

My group will be switching to paper figurines from the Marvellous Mechanical Star Trek Miniature Maker 2.0 by Wayne Peters, which are truly fantastic. I thought it might be fun to add paper miniatures for their shuttles as well, especially if my players named them. Since they haven’t named them all yet, it seems like a form-fillable PDF might be the way to go. So here it is, in case you’d like to add this to your game.

I’m tackling the Type-9 Shuttle first. This will create two Type-9 Shuttles from the same starship, but they can have different shuttlecraft designations and names. The PDF will auto-fill the text and flip it. Print on a colour printer, then cut along the lines (but keep the folding line at the top of the craft). The fields on the form may look blue in a PDF reader but they won’t show up when printed.

Here’s an example where the fields have been filled in for the U.S.S. Poseidonis (Shuttlecraft 1 ‘Hackman‘ and Shuttlecraft 2 ‘Borgnine‘), to demonstrate where the ship names and registry numbers go.

Click for PDF (large file – 27 Mb)



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