Replicator Resource: Form-Fillable Type 6 Shuttle, Type 8 Shuttle, and Work Bee Paper Miniatures

More form-fillable paper miniatures, this time the Type 6 Shuttle, the Type 8 Shuttle, and the Work Bee. All the stats are available in the Command Division Sourcebook.

On the form, the ship registry and name will be the same (populated and flipped for your convenience), but the shuttles may be named separately. The Work Bee numbers may also be added.

For the form-fillable Type 9 Shuttle, see this entry.

For bases, I use stands from an old Shadowrun game, but may try the method in this YouTube video, which uses blister pack plastic to make the stands.

Here’s an example where the fields have been filled in for the U.S.S. Poseidonis (Type 6, Shuttlecraft 4 ‘McDowall’ and Type 8, Shuttlecraft 8 ‘Winters’), to demonstrate where the ship names and registry numbers go.

Click for PDF (12 Mb)


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