Replicator Resource: Form-Fillable Type 7 Shuttle, Type 10 Shuttle, Escape Pod, and Photon Torpedo Paper Miniatures

Continuing the series of form-fillable paper miniatures, here are the Type 7 Shuttlecraft, Type 10 Shuttlecraft (Chaffee-type), Intrepid Type Escape Pod, and Photon Torpedo.

For these shuttles, I had to take some liberties with the placement of some of the registry numbers and names, as the fonts become unreadable at certain sizes if they were faithful to the original designs. I went for legibility in play instead.

Previous paper models are Type 9, and Types 6 and 8.

Here’s an example where the fields have been filled in for the U.S.S. Poseidonis (Shuttlecraft 7 ‘Buttons’ and Shuttlecraft 10 ‘Nielsen’), to demonstrate where the ship names and registry numbers go.

For another suggestion for making bases for the paper miniatures, I suggest this YouTube video, which involves foam. As a variant, I found thick foam sheets where I just had to cut square bases out, and then do a deep score in the middle of the foam with an X-Acto knife. It cuts out the gluing part. I include a photo below.

Click on image for PDF


One type of paper miniature base: foam squares


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