Mistral-Class Shuttlecraft

After two seasons (34 episodes since January 2018), I’ve wrapped up my long-running campaign, Star Trek: Sojourner. One of the best episodes was playing through an expanded and early draft of Michael Dismuke’s Best Crew in the Galaxy, when the crew built their prototype shuttlecraft for the race. I had presented the Mistral prototype in an earlier article, and said I’d post an update as the players developed their shuttlecraft. Now that the campaign is over, I’m putting up the players’ final design to establish it as a part of Continuing Mission continuity: the Mistral-class shuttlecraft.

After further development, the Mistral-class shuttlecraft was made available in early 2376. It is useful as an EMH ambulance, a mobile computer core, a carrier of a hovercraft that can handle different terrains, and cargo transport, depending on the module used.

The original Mistral prototype has found its way back to Captain Thomas Kazan and his new ship, the Luna-class starship, U.S.S. Endeavour (NCC-80721). Look for the Endeavour soon as well.

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