Featured Starship: Mistral Shuttlecraft Prototype

The homebrew Prototype rules I posted the other day was used by the players in my campaign to create the Mistral Shuttlecraft Prototype for their vehicle in a racing competition against the Wairara. For this particular race, they had to have a shuttlecraft that carries a land/sea-capable amphibious support vehicle for different parts of the race. They decided to go with a hovercraft that could deal with travel over both land and water, rather than the buggy-type seen with the Argo.

I designed the look of the Mistral based on some preferences by the crew, such as the enclosed nacelle style that the Argo has. It is about the same size as the Delta Flyer.

The stats show the Mistral without any Milestone improvements (as of its creation in my campaign, S02 E09, Stardate 49152.4). I am looking forward to them gradually building upon these foundations, and will post revised stats later in the year for comparison.

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