Featured Starship: Argo (Type-17 Shuttlecraft) and All-Terrain Buggy


In Star Trek: Nemesis, the Argo (a named Type-17 Shuttlecraft aboard the Enterprise-E) made its debut. It was a cargo shuttle modified to carry an all-terrain buggy, that had a remote control that could be used to pilot the Argo from afar. It had recessed warp nacelles as well as fold-down wings that improved maneuverability in atmosphere. The buggy had a rear-mounted phaser cannon. Both the shuttle and the buggy were designed to be rugged.

EDIT: Normally the cargo shuttle would not have the Phaser Banks, but if your players wanted to modify it to have weapons, the Phaser Banks are Escalation 2.

Type-17 Shuttlecraft & All-Terrain Buggy (PDF)



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