Braden Campbell Presents: The Argo

Braden writes, “Our game, “Star Trek: E” takes place in 2381 and was started to answer the question “What happened to the Sovereign-class Enterprise after all the TNG cast left?

“This means that, among other things, the new crew inherited the Argo shuttle/rover package. As a team building exercise, Captain Shelby set her Vulcan Chief Engineer, Klingon Science Officer, and Betazoid Security Chief the task of making the thing actually usable.  The result was an over-designed “science tank.”

“That was seven months ago. Last night, it actually got used to chase down a gang of kidnappers, and everyone had a blast. So, just in case the redesign gets picked up by other Starfleet vessels or installations, here is the 2381-model Argo Rover. The shuttle portion (a standard Type-11 heavy cargo transport) remains unaltered… for now.”

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