First Contact: The Wairara


The Wairara are an original species first encountered in Michael Dismuke’s Teaser, The Best Pilot in the Galaxy. Everything is a race to them, and they are a species with much knowledge of engineering. Originally called the Wairarapoo, in their characteristic way of speeding everything up, they shortened their species name to Wairara so that other species can say it quicker.

They would be a good species to encounter in the Sargon Region and the Space Beyond. Also, as an original species, they may be encountered in any era.

We also have starships and NPCs for them! As a bonus, I’ve added Drauodot Colonists as NPCs alongside the Wairara NPC stats.

Species: Wairara (PDF)

Wairara Pilot-Engineer (Notable NPCs) and Drauodot Colonist (Minor NPCs) PDF

Wairara Velocity Class Starships and Wairara Speedracer Class Shuttlecraft PDF



Adventure Tag: ADV003

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