Deyanna Lani, Qaruodot Astronavigator

Time for another installment of Tuesdays at Quarks, continuing our theme of “discovery.” This time we meet the Qaruodot, a species of historians and storytellers with a bloody divide in their past. Deyanna is ready to enter your story, perhaps as a minor crew member who’s been there all along but is suddenly relevant. You know the type.

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Like the Bayt’Ihat, the political situation between the Qaruodot and their cousin species the Drauodot tests the morals of Starfleet and the opinions of the players. They also offer something that flips the classic Vulcan-Romulan relationship because the powers-that-be want to bring the species back together but fringe groups are resistant. This is the kind of thorny, philosophical issue that crews on Star Trek are always getting themselves into and now your crew can join those esteemed meddlers.

There are plenty of plot hooks in the description but here are a few to get you started.

  • Deyanna gets sick with a disease that mutates and threatens the whole crew. There are no Qaruodot colonies in the region but they can potentially get help from the Drauodot if they can negotiate the difficult history of the two species.
  • On an away mission to a Drauodot colony, Lt. Lani comes along as a cultural expert. Her presence is welcomed by most but a few Drauodot are rude and dismissive. When the Qaruodot disappears overnight the situation threatens to spiral into a diplomatic incident, only complicated when evidence begins to point to a bizarre transporter accident.
  • A routine away mission goes awry when a shuttle is overtaken by a powerful ion storm. Adrift in interstellar space, the shuttle needs extensive repairs and only has enough power left for a narrowly directed subspace message. Without the shuttle’s computer banks they’ll have to rely on Deyanna Lani’s encyclopedic knowledge of star systems.

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