Psi Shift – A Horror-themed Adventure for all Eras

This mission was released late last year under the Pandora’s Box Mission Compendium. Now it’s in stand-alone format! It’s perfect for any of you looking for a spooky Halloween style mission for your Star Trek Adventures games!

Mission Synopsis:

The Player Characters are diverted by a disturbing distress call on their way to the Sabine Expanse. The distress call comes from a Federation Research Outpost in unclaimed space that claims to be under attack, complete with gruesome background noises. Initial scans of the players’ ship’s database cannot confirm that such a facility exists. Yet subsequent searches do, as if the data was simply missing the first time around. When the Player Characters arrive, they find that the outpost is in peak condition as is the crew. The psyche of Players will be tested as they investigate this strange series of events.

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    1. Not at all! Psi Shift has always sorta been stand-alone, which means Pandora’s Box won’t be majorly affected by you running this now.

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