STA UberFAN STEFAN GUDER rocks out with new mission brief about the roord

My heart leaps when any Star Trek Adventures fan plays one of my modules, in this case, The Roord, which I released here on the site back in March 2018. I also am loving Star Trek Adventures Mission Briefs.

Now mix both of them together plus add a dose of an STA megafan like Stefan Guder and that is how magic is made! Stefan GMed the homebrew Roord module. Apparently, his group loved it so much he put together a Mission Brief for Part II of the campaign! Wow. That makes me happy. And I am even happier that he let us release his Mission Brief to you here at Continuing Mission!

Before we get to the goods, here is a little bio on my newest hero, Stefan Guder who hails from Ahaus, Germany:

“I’m 37 years old and have been roleplaying for 20 years now. I started with D&D 3.0 and DSA 3 (Das schwarze Auge, in the current 5th version available in English “The Dark Eye”). I then switched to Pathfinder after trying D&D 4e. Currently, I have 5 groups that I GM (2x Pathfinder Iron Gods, Starfinder Dead Suns, Star Wars homebrew, and the Star Trek Living Campaign 2371). I also GM some one-shots in different systems like Cthulhu or 10 Candles. I like writing, creating maps, and, aside from pen and paper, I like flight simulations, astrophotography, and buggy kiting.”

This is buggy kiting. And that is Stefan buggy kiting.

Enjoy this Mission Brief. And thanks again, Stefan!

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