Star Trek Fan Module: Margin of Error

An RPG adventure for Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures by Roger Taylor. This adventure is set in the year 2371 and intended for 2 to 6 players but is easily adaptable for larger groups and other eras. Players who wish to take part in this adventure should read no further.

Continuing Mission has done so much to support STA that Modiphius wants to give some love back, and so we are pleased to offer this discount code, CMISSION01, which is a 10% off coupon for the STA Starter Set and usable on both the Modiphius UK site and the Modiphius US site.


  1. So if this is set in 2371, why is there a reference in the opening Captain’s Log to the recent end of the Dominion War which happened in 2375? I think the author needs to edit his adventure more thoroughly.

    1. He probably would if he was being paid for it as opposed to him doing this as a labor of love for players of the game. I’m appreciative that he took the time to put something together. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Other GMS can tweak it as they see fit. We are all here to have fun and create a flexible gaming environment.

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