Timeline Milestone: Flagship Lost (2371-2372)


Timeline Milestones are a new concept that began with a homebrew rule for my campaign. These are events and repercussions in the established timeline that affect your crew. This often is an improvement or other change that affects your game during specific periods of time (or other timelines or alternate realities your campaign may end up in). You can either grant it alongside other Milestone awards.


This Timeline Milestone is Flagship Lost, based on the events of Star Trek Generations where the Federation flagship, the Enterprise-D, was destroyed on Veridian III while trying to stop Dr. Soran.

If you decide to use this Timeline Milestone in your game, then between 48632.4 (the date of the battle) and 49827.5 (the launch of the Enterprise-E), Starfleet Command decides to temporarily deploy the crew of the Enterprise-D to other starships and starbases until a decision has been made regarding the replacement of the flagship, in part to gain experience under a new commanding officer.

Your crew may review the following five personnel records and options, drawn from Featured Crew we spotlighted here at Continuing Mission. They may select one (and only one) crew member and their departmental team. They all come with great recommendations from Captain Picard himself. They will return to the Enterprise-E when it is operational. Optionally, as these are less well-known characters, they may remain with their new assignment if the GM wishes.


You gain +1 to the Department while both the team leader and her/his team remain on-board and able to perform their duties, bringing their expertise from serving aboard the Enterprise. The GM may temporarily nullify this with a Complication for the duration of a Scene. However, these team leaders are subject to being targeted for injury during Structure damage.

The ranks of the characters in 2371 are as follows. Each is linked to their stats. The only Department not included is Command.

CONN: Lt. (jg) Sam Lavelle, Human, bridge relief/night duty officer (Conn/Ops)
SECURITY: Lieutenant Jenna DSora, Human, Security officer, torpedo specialist
ENGINEERING: Lt. (jg) Robin Lefler, Human, Mission Specialist, mission coordination
SCIENCE: Ensign Zandra Taitt, Human, Science Officer with a specialty in solar dynamics
MEDICINE: Lieutenant Selar, Vulcan, doctor, pathology specialist


  1. not mentioned here but obviously worth noting, this is the ideal time to have a member of the TNG cast apper in an adventure.

  2. I really like your new concepts! It’s a pity that I have have no STA campaign (just One-Shots until now), but if I ever will plan one I’ll try to integrate Timeline Milestones and Accolade Roles.

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