Featured Crew: Zandra Taitt


Ensign Zandra Taitt, known only as Taitt in her one and only appearance on The Next Generation, is a promising young officer that might fit well onto any ship. Assigned to Sciences, she suddenly found herself as acting Tactical Officer while Beverly Crusher had temporary command of the Enterprise in the episode, “Descent, Part II“. Her senior honors thesis was in solar dynamics, which she used to great effect when fighting a Borg vessel. She fired a particle beam to create a solar fusion eruption while they were in the star’s photosphere, which destroyed the Borg ship. Crusher called it the Taitt Maneuver.

Further background on Taitt comes from the beta canon, indicating she was born on Tau Ceti II and her first name.

As a Science Officer with some starship tactical training, she might be a great addition to a bridge crew.

Taitt (PC version)Microsoft Word - Taitt-PC.docx

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