Demo Campaign – Star Trek: Emissary

The crew at Continuing Mission will be working on some starship combat examples, among other things. Our goal is for you to be able to follow the examples with character stats. We’ve come up with a demo campaign with mostly canonical characters that we’ve statted up in the past, but updated for Star Trek: Emissary, set post-Dominion War. Let’s look at this demo campaign!

Our intrepid GM has assembled a group of six players, who are all eager to start a post- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine campaign. Even though they sometimes can’t all show up for the same session, the GM is fine with that.

Avid fans of DS9, they have all selected characters from the series, some major, some minor, to continue the story after the end of the Dominion War. The campaign would start in January 2376, and they would like to focus on exploration of the Gamma Quadrant, and also decided on a small ship, which had to be a Defiant-class, the signature starship of the DS9 series. Even though it is only Scale 3 and more optimized for war, they decided to go with a Pathfinder and Reconnaissance Operations Mission Profile for their ship, reasoning that there is a similar precedent in the novels. However, they would tell their own stories with these characters aboard the U.S.S. Emissary (NCC-63043).

Their cast is as follows. They decided that because it’s a small ship, some characters would cover multiple roles. Ezri Dax, at Ops, would also be acting Science Officer, but also draw upon her expertise as Counselor. The player who wants to play the CMO actually wants to play a LMH based on Beverly Crusher, which the GM allows. In fact, since the Emissary is a small ship and it would be cool to put holo-emitters everywhere to give the LMH player more to do, he allows it. The players will also create Supporting Characters when needed.

  • Commanding Officer: Captain Erika Benteen
  • Executive Officer/Chief of Security: Commander George Primmin
  • Second Officer/Operations Manager: Lieutenant Ezri Dax
  • Chief Engineer: Lieutenant (junior grade) Nog
  • Flight Controller: Lieutenant (junior grade) Melora Pazlar
  • Chief Medical Officer: Long-term Medical Holographic program, Mark I (based on Dr. Beverly Crusher)

You can download the crew collection below, for reference or even to use this ship and crew for your own adventures (campaigns or one-shots). Simply print and play.

EDIT: Ezri Dax’s stats fixed.

You can also download each file individually:

To get more information on some of these characters, look at our past articles with previous interpretations for Benteen, Primmin, Dax, Nog, and Pazlar.

Look for the adventures of the U.S.S. Emissary in our future articles!


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