Featured Crew: Long-Term Medical Holographic Program, Mark I

Our version of the Long-Term Medical Holographic Program, Mark I was introduced in Demo Campaign – Star Trek: Emissary. However, it occurs to us that you might want to have your own version for your campaign.

The concept of the LMH was first introduced in the DS9 episode, “Doctor Bashir, I Presume“. A project by Doctor Lewis Zimmerman, the LMH is supposed to be used for locales where life support or living space was at a premium, such as research outposts and long-range exploratory vessels. It is expected to have more sympathy than the EMH, and able to interact with patients over time and win their trust. Bashir’s genetic augmentation torpedoed the original plans, so the project was presumably put on the back burner in 2373.

Continuing Mission assumes that the project was resurrected, and after the Dominion War, in early 2376, the LMH Mark I prototype was introduced on some ships for testing. The new base-model is Doctor Beverly Crusher.

Since Dr. Crusher is a familiar character, it shouldn’t be hard to bring her personality to the LMH Mark I. However, this also allows you to play a holographic version that doesn’t need to be entirely faithful to the character. Like the Doctor on Voyager, the LMH will be able to expand her programming and become her own person independent of the original Beverly Crusher.

How do you get an LMH Mark I? There are several possibilities. Her stats are presented as a PC character, so a player may choose her as a Main Character. Alternatively, use a variant of the Emergency Medical Hologram Talent but substitute the stats for the hologram deployed. You can also allow a Crew Support point to be used. Remember, the LMH is intended to run continuously, more or less, like a permanent holographic doctor, so should be treated as such on your ship or station.

If it’s a small ship, you may decide to deploy holo-emitters across the entire ship, or to specific sectors, to expand the utility of the LMH.

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