Featured Crew: Jupiter Station Diagnostic Program Alpha-11


The Jupiter Station Diagnostic Program Alpha-11 is a diagnostic tool with a holographic interface that resembles Doctor Lewis Zimmerman (introduced in the Voyager episode, “The Swarm“. It’s self-aware and adaptable, similar to the EMH. Its primary use is to diagnose the Emergency Medical Hologram and develop fixes. Any ship with an EMH (accessible through the Talent) also has access to the Alpha-11 with the expenditure of 1 Crew Support.

In extreme circumstances, as the crew of Voyager discovered, it may be ‘grafted’ onto the EMH (or even other holograms) to repair it. It requires a synchronous transfer of all the EMH databases and subroutines. Such a task should be an Extended Task Reason + Engineering (Work Track 11, Magnitude 4, Resistance 2, 1 interval=2 hours) with a suggested base Difficulty of 4 (adjusted by your circumstances), performed solely by the Alpha-11 without assistance; the Ship or Station may assist with Computers + Engineering. Such a procedure would destroy the Alpha-11 in the process.

I’ve designed this one in the format of a printable card similar to these.

Jupiter Station Diagnostic Program Alpha-11 (PDF)


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