Battle-Grid: Intrepid-Class Bridge


Recent talk about battle-mats had me thinking about getting a custom-made Intrepid-class bridge for our gaming group, now that we have had one season’s worth of adventures on that class of starship (and they haven’t blown it up yet). If there had been an Intrepid-class tile from Modiphius, I would get that, but that seems a long ways off. I’d had to make my own. But where to get a crisp version of the bridge layout that’s worth printing and modifying? And so began a personal quest.

Well, there are some great fan-made versions of the Voyager bridge. Here are a few:



One great site, Ex Astris Scientia, has bridge blueprints for quite a variety of bridges. I highly recommend checking out the site for bridge layouts.


But I wanted one with enough detail that I could modify and print on a large 18″ x 18″ mat. I found the solution thanks to a fan (Lewis N.)’s 3D attempt at recreating the bridge using the blueprints above, at 3D Warehouse. Using their SketchUp app to view the model, and to delete the roof, I was able to get a snapshot of the walls, and get the kind of 3D geomorphic look that I like.


Some editing magic later, I cobbled this together. My first try was too dark, since the Voyager bridge had a lot of dark and gray colours, so I went with a lighter colour scheme that some recreations had gone with. Unfortunately I couldn’t get all the panels to look like LCARS, so went with a pinpoints-of-light variant to give the scene a splash of colour. The light tiles are also not Voyager-standard, but gives it a unique look that can be attributed to customization by the captain of that particular ship.

Intrepid Bridge (letter-sized PDF)

Intrepid Bridge (jpeg)

intrepidbridge-ltrIntrepid Bridge, B&W (letter-sized PDF)

Intrepid Bridge, B&W (jpeg)


A square variant is here (jpeg format), great for a square battle-mat.

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