Battle-Grid: Intrepid-Class Ready Room & Conference Room


Continuing with my experiments with extant 3D fan models, here are designs for the Intrepid Ready Room and Conference Room, as designed by fellow fan Trekkie at 3D Warehouse. The idea is that there are so many fan-designed 3D models, many very faithful to the original blueprints, that a snapshot could work quite well for a bridge floorplan. Credit goes to the 3D modeler.

There are only a few adjustments made from the originals. I modified the colour scheme to match the Intrepid Class bridge that I posted the other day. The table in the Conference Room isn’t the rounded-edge version seen on the TV show, but follows the design in one blueprint version. That can be put down to the Captain’s personal tastes.

The following PDF allows you to print both rooms on a 8.5″x11″ page, and cut apart. They are scaled to match the main Intrepid bridge. The first one is a fairly large file – 57 Mb – so if it’s too big, try the smaller PDF or the image file.

Intrepid Class Ready Room and Conference Room (PDF, for 8.5″x11”)  – 57 Mb

Intrepid Class Ready Room and Conference Room (PDF, for 8.5″x11”)  – 1.2 Mb

image file (8.5″x11″ sized)


If you had printed the bridge at 18″x18″ scale, here are the rooms at the correct size, on 8.5″x11″.

Intrepid Ready Room (PDF, for use with the 18″x18″ scale)readyIntrepid Conference Room (PDF, for use with the 18″x18″ scale)brief

Here is the image file for the 18″x18″ version.intrepidReadyBrief-1818

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