Battle-Grid: Deep Space Nine Operations Center


Continuing our series on 3D bridges as battle-grids (see also the Intrepid class bridge and ready/conference rooms), here’s the bridge of the Sovereign Class starship. There are some great fan-designed 3D models, many very faithful to the original blueprints, that a snapshot could work quite well for a tabletop battle-grid. Credit always goes to the 3D modeler. I only add missing bits and a bit of colour. Search here for the full series.

The Deep Space Nine Operations Center here is based on the unfinished DS9 Ops model designed by Trekkie. It’s a great start, but the designer never completed his work. There was a lot more to do here: I had to adjust the colours for visibility, and added the Engineering stations of Ops that were unfinished (using the Assembly app). Some of it won’t correspond exactly to how things look on set, but I hope that it’s close enough. The Commander’s Office is unfortunately not part of the design.

Deep Space 9 Ops (PDF), 8.5″x11″

image file

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