Battle-Grid: Sovereign-Class Bridge


Continuing our series on 3D bridges as battle-grids (see also the Intrepid class bridge and ready/conference rooms), here’s the bridge of the Sovereign Class starship. There are some great fan-designed 3D models, many very faithful to the original blueprints, that a snapshot could work quite well for a tabletop battle-grid. Credit always goes to the 3D modeler. I only add missing bits and a bit of colour. Search here for the full series.

The 3D model was originally created by Colin E. at 3D Warehouse, and it is spectacular! Full credit goes to Colin for his amazing work, which we can now appreciate at the gaming table.

Not much work was needed on this. I used a Slice function to get the cutaway, and trimmed away what wasn’t needed.

Take a look at what it looks like in 3D view!


Here is a PDF, as well as a link to the bridge layout image.

Sovereign Class Bridge (PDF, 8.5″x11″)

Sovereign Class Bridge (image file)

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