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Ferengi Shuttle_

I continue to make 3D models using Dreams (PS4), and did the layout for a typical Ferengi shuttle. Specifically, the version here is Quark’s Treasurewhich we have given stats for in the past. In making it, I was astounded by the amount of detail the set designers put into the set! I did not make the ceiling, which has its own details not seen here.

There are other versions in-canon, where for example the central command seat and console are replaced by standard seats. The Mirror Universe model has pink lights instead of green, as well as weapon racks.

In some versions seen in the show, there are two exits on either side of the rear, conjectured to be corridors to the Engineering section and the actual exit for the shuttle. But this set was all that was officially seen of the craft.

I’ve released the interior and exterior as public resources in Dreams as well, and as you can see above, you can even make a character like Nog and walk around.

You have the homebrew stats through the link above, or use the official Acquistion-class Scout stats on page 87 of the Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook. What about a Ferengi shuttle registry sheet? We will have a Cory Belote registry sheet for exactly that, on Tuesday.

Quark’s Treasure / Ferengi Shuttle layout (PDF)

Private Creation
Top view (cutaway arch)
Private Creation
Top view (archway intact)
Private Creation
front angle
Private Creation
front angled view
Private Creation
rear view

Here are some additional images, including the exterior model.

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