Battle-Grid: Constellation-Class Variant (U.S.S. Gettysburg, NCC-3890)

Something a bit different today for our Battle-Grid feature: a 3D variant of a Constellation-class bridge based on the Tobias Weimann design, specifically the U.S.S. Gettysburg (NCC-3890).

Unlike the other 3D bridges, this one is my own attempt, done in Dreams (PS4). Therefore, it looks different from the previous series. The U.S.S. Gettysburg happens to be the starship of a current STA gaming group in Germany, so I did a custom design for them. I’ve been practicing 3D art using Dreams, and it’s a blast. You’ll see a few more Trek things I’ve done in Dreams in the near future.

I have included angled views, for something different. You can actually put a puppet in there and walk around. And when I get better at programming, even stage a fight on set.

Constellation-Class Variant Bridge (PDF, colour)

Private CreationPrivate CreationPrivate CreationPrivate Creation

Here is a tour on YouTube video.

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