Battle-Grid: U.S.S. Poseidonis Bridge

This bridge design is for the U.S.S. Poseidonis, an aquatic refit of an Olympic-class starship. The adventure where it originally appeared is called Poseidonis, and since then I’ve also written ship stats for STA and Captain’s Log.

The U.S.S. Poseidonis is unique among Starfleet ships, in that it has a large aquatic atrium in the spherical hull of the Olympic-class. The bridge is at the core of this atrium. Since the members of the crew include humanoids as well as cetaceans (e.g., whales and dolphins), the bridge is unlike any that have appeared on Star Trek before. The configuration is that of a central holographic projector that projects a spherical screen, and the stations are gathered around the globe-shaped screen. Each station is fully-configurable, and can be moved around so that they can accommodate crew as large as an orca. Each station also has mini-holographic projectors that can create such assistive holograms as mini-octopi to manipulate objects and press buttons on the touchscreens.

The default configuration has the Captain’s Station at the bottom of the layout. Then, going clockwise from that: Ops, Engineering/Environmental, Science, Tactical, Mission Ops, Conn. In case of emergencies, the bridge can be sealed off from the rest of the atrium by forcefield projectors.

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