Featured Captain’s Log: Captain Vaw Mimeer’non, U.S.S. Poseidonis

One of my favourite captains on Continuing Mission is Captain Vaw Mimeer’non, who commands the Olympic-class aquatic refit U.S.S. Poseidonis (NCC-59202). I first created her as an NPC for the adventure Poseidonis, and she and the ship became very important in my now-retired campaign Star Trek: Sojourner.

Now that Captain’s Log is available, I can actually run her adventures on a very unique ship, giving Mimeer’non her own exciting adventures! I have tried to replicate the Captain’s stats from her original write-up, and have used the Olympic-class stats, but with some tweaks given that it is a unique aquatic refit.

I share my write-up with you here. Perhaps you can guide Vaw and her crew on your own version of her journeys.


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