Battle-Grid: Configuration Mosaic-One

You may have noticed that on previous Battle-Grids, due to the shape of the paper, the circles are partly missing. Here’s a solution for that.

Configuration Mosaic-One can be added to complete those circles, with three different edges that easily fit with Configurations Radius-Alpha, -Beta, and -Gamma.

Both white background and black background are available, and there is a flipped version, so you can print them out on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper to complete your circular battlefields.

Left PDF


Right PDF


Left (Black) PDF


Right (Black) PDF


For the mega-grid example, this time I used black lines over the image as it is easier to read on a bright image, so there’s a slightly different procedure. If you have Photoshop or other image-editing programs, you can use the white background image with the ‘Multiply‘ blend mode to overlay the grid onto an image.

See the mosaic battlemap below (image from the poster for Star Trek Beyond). Click on the link to obtain a 2-page PDF.

2-page Mega-Grid Mosaic-One (8 Mb)


For those who have access to a colour printer that is capable of tabloid-length, here is a 1-page PDF version.

1-page tabloid-size Mega-Grid Mosaic-One (8 Mb)

If you put all the available grids so far together, you can get a mega-mat like this:


Search #battle-grid for other configurations.

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