Battle-Grid: Narendra Station ‘Galleria’ Tiles

This is my take on the Galleria aboard Narendra Station, described in the Beta Quadrant book (also see the Modiphius Living Campaign for more information on Narendra Station and the Shackleton Expanse). These are 8″ x 8″ tiles that can be arranged into a single map. The layout below is my vision of what the Galleria looks like, which includes fountains, a podium, greenery, and shops.

Narendra Station Galleria (Large file, PDF, 46 Mb)


These tiles are fully compatible with the ones from Battle-Grid: DS9 Promenade Tiles, allowing you to mix and match tiles to create a multitude of ring-shaped layouts as you wish. You can custom-make starbase layouts this way.

In addition to the blanks from the Promenade article, I include a new Supplemental Set of blanks for you to create your own rooms and corridors as well.

Supplemental Set (Large file, PDF, 17 Mb)

Be here next week for Battle-Grid: Star Station Echo ‘Grand Hub’ Tiles, which will add yet another set of 8″ x 8″ tiles to help you create more impromptu starbase layouts.

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