Battle-Grid: Star Station Echo ‘Grand Hub’ Tiles

Welcome to another Battle-Grid instalment. Today, we explore the ‘Grand Hub’ level of Star Station Echo in the Sargon Region (or any other starbase you happen to need). This is a set of 8″ x 8″ tiles that can be assembled into a ring-like configuration as shown below. The rooms are left unlabeled so that they may be adapted to your campaign needs, but some are recongizable as a transporter room, restaurants, arboretum, theatre, and wardroom.

Battle-Grid: Star Station Echo (PDF)


In addition, these tiles are fully compatible with the ones from Battle-Grid: DS9 Promenade Tiles and Battle-Grid: Narendra Station ‘Galleria’ Tiles, allowing you to mix and match even more tiles to create a multitude of ring-shaped layouts as you wish.

You can even create mini-levels by combining tiles in a non-circular pattern, as shown below.


Search #battle-grid for other maps.

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