Battle-Grid: Configuration Radius-Beta

Here is a second battle-grid for space combat: Configuration Radius-Beta. Both white background and black background are available, and there is a flipped version, so you can print out two of each on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper to assemble a large, circular battlefield. (This one is compatible with a map on page 129 of These Are The Voyages, Vol. 1.)

Upper Left Quadrant PDF


Upper Right Quadrant PDF


Upper Left Quadrant (Black) PDF


Upper Right Quadrant (Black) PDF


If you have Photoshop or other image-editing programs, you can use the black background image with the ‘Screen’ blend mode to overlay the grid onto an image. With some effort you can create a full-colour battlemap such as the one below (image borrowed from the poster for Star Trek: First Contact). Click on the link to obtain a 4-page PDF that you can assemble into a mega battle-grid.

4-page Mega-Grid Radius Beta (14 Mb)


For those who have access to a colour printer that is capable of tabloid-length, here is a 2-page PDF version.

2-page tabloid-size Mega-Grid Radius Beta (12 Mb)

Search #battle-grid for other configurations.

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