Battle-Grid: Interstellar Hexagon Collection 1


Another way to represent space battles is with large movable hexagons, which are well-suited for a dynamic, ever-changing battleground. These hexagons are about 4-inches from side to side, which I cut out from thin foam sheets using a template. In addition, I also printed out hexagons with space-related imagery borrowed from Star Trek shows and movies. Space is given for writing notes.

If you prefer to preserve the hexagon, you can laminate or place ‘wedges’ with information about any stellar phenomena that may be present. A wedge for the Carina Nebula from the Living Campaign adventure, ‘Signals’, is represented above. If you don’t want players to see the qualities, keep the wedge text flipped.

Here is a hexagon template, a form-fillable wedge template, and the Interstellar Hexagon Collection #1 (with 12 different looks).

Single Hexagon (blank) (PDF)

Single Hexagon with Wedge (blank) (PDF)

A Trio of Hexagons (PDF)

Fillable Wedges (PDF)

Interstellar Hexagon Collection #1 (PDF)




More next Thursday!

Search #battle-grid for other configurations.

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