“Prayers of Suppression” is an adventure for Star Trek Adventures and part of the Supreme Mandate Campaign. This adventure is meant to be played by a Gamemaster and 3-6 players.

This adventure occurs within the Cordon Nebulae of the Sargon Region, stepping stone to the Space Beyond, and as-of-yet region unexplored by the Federation. The exact location of this adventure is in the area designated as SR-212.

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Synopsis (SPOILER ALERT – GMs ONLY!!!!)

SR-212 Temple.jfifThe crew has been pursuing the dark matter thread they discovered while on the planet of Ictharys. (See Planet of the Ebon Pearl Campaign.) The line leads them dozens of lights years away in the SR-212 system. Unlike Ictharys where the dark matter orb was houses inside a dormant volcano, the first planet in the SR-212 is surrounded by thirty-seven dark matter orbs that act as satellites in orbit around the Class M world.

SR-212 alienThe crew scans the planet and discovers that the pre-industrial civilization is comprised of an orange-skinned, dark speckled species of humanoids numbering in the hundreds of millions spread over thirty-seven major bodies of land. There is no modern technology detected on the planet except what would be considered Iron Age by human standards. Preliminary scans determine that thirty-seven dark matter threads descend from the thirty-seven satellites down to thirty-seven temples scattered on the surface of the various continents. It is decided that an away team is warranted to investigate the dark matter technology.

Upon investigating the civilization who call themselves the Oreison, the crew learns that the highly-religious culture forbids the development of advanced technology. A priestly class routinely arrives at temples to pray to their gods, the K’si, to help determine if new technology is heretical or not. If technology is deemed heretical is immediately destroyed. Proponents for the new technology are asked to renounce development of such technology. Rebellion means a death sentence.

It doesn’t take long for the away team to discover a secret sect of Oreison intent on advancing the technology of their planet. These forward-thinking natives operate in the underground developing steam-based technology discounting the divinity of the K’si.
The away team must try its best to avoid violating the Prime Directive while uncovering the mystery of the dark matter orbs and temples. This mission also stresses how much work goes into clandestinely observing alien cultures.

NOTE: This module serves as the second mission in the Continuing Mission Campaign: Supreme Mandate. Even though they will not make an appearance, the alien K’si’s technology will be further investigated. GMs should make sure that no spoilers are given regarding the actual identify of the K’si. This will be revealed in future modules.


  1. Could you create a order of how you played these adventures? This says the second adventure but if you count:
    – First Contact
    – The Ebon Pearl
    – Quadrupole Quandary
    – A Continuing Mission: Poseidonis

    That would make this the 5th adventure… Oh and when you used the teasers would be great as well!

    Thank you!

    1. The only ones that need to be played In Order so far are The Ebon Pearl and Prayers of Suppression. I wouldn’t use Teasers in these. I would stay focused on the story arch. The other missions are stand alone. You may want to play them in the order your ship would come across them in the Sargon Region. (See map)

      As for the teasers, they can be put in whatever order you see fit.

      Have you been playing any of the modules we wrote?

      1. I’m attempting to build the basics for a Campaign, involving a Hidden Main Plot of Iconian Tech… and thinking of using some of (if not all of) your setting to help.

        And yeah, i really appreciate this site.

    2. Also, I notice you are super active online. Interested in joining the crew of the Pioneer? We need someone to play Barclay or Odo.

      1. While the invite is quite humbling, i’m unsure i could play these cannon characters as a PC. But any openings for a random NCO… possibly in Engineering lol would be welcome.

      2. Well, after this adventure, we could reassign Odo. Would you be willing to come in as Chief Tactical? Preferably a human woman but not required. We have a good NPC who the crew has developed a liking for as a support character.

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