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“First Contact: K’Si” is an adventure for Star Trek Adventures and part of the Supreme Mandate Campaign. This adventure is meant to be played by a Gamemaster and 3-6 players.

This adventure occurs within the Cordon Nebulae of the Sargon Region, stepping stone to the Space Beyond, and as-of-yet region unexplored by the Federation.

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Synopsis (SPOILER ALERT – GMs ONLY!!!!)

The crew continues its quest to locate the K’si, the race behind the dark matter technology found in the Cordon Nebula. Finally, long-range sensors detect an incoming vessel. The energy readings correspond to the energy readings detected in the dark matter orbs the crew has been studying the past few weeks.

This initiates first contact with the K’si who travel their sector of space in a huge exploration vessel replete with dark matter-infused technology. Misunderstandings are common in first contact situations and can lead to unintended and tragic results. Sovereign Viceroy Jak D’jak and his crew are suspicious of the Starfleet crew since the K’si have never met another warp-capable species. This meeting is a universe-shattering revelation for the K’si.

The Prime Directive comes face-to-face with the Supreme Mandate, the governing doctrine of the K’si, which reads, “Space: our divine destiny. We the K’si will peacefully observe all worlds under our star-born purview, sustain and support all life and all alien civilizations, respectfully help all species achieve paradise and peace so as to achieve galactic harmony without direct interference or manipulation so that all can find their own way.”

The crew must confront conflicting ideologies, a paranoid race of demigods, and the repercussions of their interactions with other pre-warp species in the Cordon Nebula thus far. Will the K’si become new allies of the Federation or bitter enemies?

NOTE: This module serves as the fourth mission in the Continuing Mission Campaign: Supreme Mandate.


  1. Hi Mick,

    This is the end of the “K’si mystery” (4 adventures and end title) or do you have others adventures directly linked concerning the K’si after this first contact ?

  2. For the moment, I translate them into french 🙂 and prépare the campaign. This work is not exactly word by word, I adapt a little.
    Contact me in private if you want I have questions (see forum with my admiral for exemple) and I can send you my Work (Ebon Pearl translation terminated in STA book style, I Work for the second adventure and a friend of mine translate Latinium actually). Of course it’s à private Work.

  3. Can you contact Continuing Mission Administrator to have my personnal mail ?
    With bot spaming, you can understand I don’t want send it in clear here (go away Q !) 😆

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