Sargon And Beyond: The Sargon Region and the Cordon Nebulae

The Continuing Mission contributors have banded together to create a shared setting for Star Trek Adventures where we will introduce new fan adventures, species, planets and more: Sargon And Beyond. The default region is shown here, but feel free to re-locate it to any Federation border adjacent to an unexplored area.


Overview of The Sargon Region And The Space Beyond

The Sargon Region is on the fringes of Federation Space. The lines indicate its relative position to the local sector grid. The map shows the major Federation planets as of 2269.

Star Station Echo is the major starbase in the area. (More information about Star Station Echo will be available in the future.)

  • Odot
  • Eavarnia
  • Uyrr
  • Bayt
  • Song Jiang

The Cordon Nebulae, also called the Cordons, are a vast number of ribbon-like nebulae that separate the Sargon Region from The Space Beyond (as locals call it). Although the nebulae gases appear harmless, ships that travel through the Cordon Nebulae are rumored to be plagued with bad luck, and many have gone mysteriously missing. For that reason, very little is known of The Space Beyond.

Effects of the Cordon Nebulae

  • Class I Nebulae – The Difficulty of all Tasks is increased by 1 while within the nebulae, and the Complication Range increased by 2 for any use of Computers, Engines, or Weapons within the nebulae.

Avoiding the Cordon Nebulae

  • The Cordon Nebulae are on average two light-years in width, like a maze-like veil separating the two regions of space. To plot a course through the Cordons that avoids all nebulae entirely is an Extended Task. Failing to achieve a Breakthrough on the Task indicates that the ship entered a nebula inadvertently, and is affected by the effects of the Class I Nebula until the next Breakthrough is achieved.
    • The basic Task is Difficulty 3 Reason + Conn Extended Task, assisted by the Ship’s Sensors + Conn. This assumes an average Warp Factor of 4.
    • Adjust the Difficulty down for each Warp Factor below 4, or up for each Warp Factor above.
    • Interval = 2 days at Warp 4; adjust for other speeds
    • Complication Range = 3
    • Work Track = 10
    • Magnitude = 3
    • Resistance = 1
  • If no attempt is made to avoid the Cordon Nebulae, apply the effects of the Class I Nebulae until the end of the Mission where the crossing was accomplished.

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