Replicator Resources: OMG! The Master Guide to Department and Positions

positionsOMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!

Once in a while, I stumble across a website that makes me so happy the Internet was invented. Most of us engulfed in the Star Trek Adventures world have a natural curiosity about the hundreds of jobs that characters can have on a starship.  Sure, sure. We all know the popular jobs everyone seems to want. Captain. Chief Engineer. Doctor.

But what about all the other cool jobs? Sensor Analysts. Data Analysts. Stellar Cartographers. Quartermasters. Cook. Counselors. Security. Shuttle Bay Manager.

I know I like writing these positions into my games to flesh out the stories. Now, you can too.

While on my mission to discover new websites and new gaming civilizations, I came across this cool site: I drilled down and discovered an online sim, the U.S.S. Highlander. In addition to detailed ship specs and deck listings, I found this helpful resources, Departments. Click on the link to be provided a detailed department and positions list. Take a look.


Just click on “SHOW POSITIONS” to see the jobs that fall under the particular department.


Once you do, the list of jobs with detailed explanations opens up.


(Until I saw these, I never knew how to properly pronounce Boatswain.)


So, how cool is this, eh? Tools such as this can really add realism to your games and flesh out the crew.


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