Replicator Resources: Sound Effects For Your Table

When running your regular game, it’s good to add immersion to your game, finding a way to draw the players in to the 25th Century. Today, we’re going to look at sound effects to add to your game.

Background Sounds

Here’s some background sounds from various Star Trek ships for you to run.

There are plenty more ambient sounds you can find on Youtube, but this gives a good sampling. Set up your computer to run this on the side, while you kick in some sound boards below on your phone.

Sound Board

This site, TrekCore has a great selection of all kinds of sound effects, a little bit of everything.

This site, LCARSCom has a really good selection of computer voice commands.

STDimension has another selection of great sound effects as well, from multiple species.

So, as you can see, there’s a lot of great options for you. I know as soon as I kick off my own campaign, these sounds will be filling the air as my crew ventures into the final frontier. Enjoy.


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