Arjin Nala, the TOS Trill

Happy Halloween! This is the last entry for October’s theme of Starfleet Academy and as a special way to finish things up we’re heading “back in time” to the era of the original Star Trek series. This character is a joined Trill, the first of his species to graduate from the Academy!

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The theme of “first of their kind in Starfleet” has been part of the series for a while. This character has the interesting twist of being a species you already know and love. Trills were never given their big entrance into Star Trek canon, they just were there in an episode of The Next Generation and then Jadzia was fleshing them out in Deep Space Nine. This is your chance to jump back in time and provide the first instance of most everyone in Starfleet meets a Trill. It’s also a fun way to mix more recent Star Trek series with the swashbuckling era of Kirk and Spock.

There are plenty of ideas in the character write up but here are some plot hooks to get you going.

  • Arjin is serving aboard the players’ ship when he is contacted by the Symbiosis Commission to complete his zhian’tara. He approaches the PCs to act as hosts for his past lives.
  • On an away mission, Arjin sees an alien that a previous host investigated on the Trill homeworld. The alien is lying low now but is responsible for a string of serial murders in the alleys and streets of major Trill cities over a period of several years.
  • Starfleet asks the players’ ship to bring Trill representatives to Earth for trade negotiations and hopes that Arjin will take the lead in hosting them. When the Trill representatives arrive on board, though, they treat Arjin coldly and refuse to be in the same room as the “deserter.”

Click on the image below for the PDF.Arjin Nala - TOS Trill - Preview

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