Bonus Content – Leck, Ferengi Eliminator

This week’s entry to Tuesdays at Quark’s featured an arms merchant named Soloc your usual avarice-driven Ferengi but with some fun twists. In that entry you’ll find a lot on Soloc’s sordid past and shadowy contacts but one part that I particularly enjoyed including was his partnership with the eliminator Leck.

This character only appeared briefly in the fifth season Deep Space Nine episode “Ferengi Love Songs” where most of his contributions were cut in editing. He returned in force, though, in the show’s sixth season episode “The Magnificent Ferengi” where he is the only truly dangerous member of a six-Ferengi team trying to rescue Quark’s mother. I love the reversal seen in Leck of most Ferengi tropes, especially pitting them up against other Ferengi. It was obvious to partner him with Solov, another oddball, but in writing up that entry I realized that there’s no template to use for Leck. He doesn’t match any of the Ferengi NPCs in the core rulebook and it’s not easy to adapt any of the more combative NPCs in the chapter.

So, as a special Wednesday edition of Tuesdays at Quark’s, I made him up. Enjoy!Leck - Ferengi Eliminator - Preview


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