Ten Forward Fridays: Freed Borg

Welcome to Ten Forward Fridays, where a new playable species is presented for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.
Bringing November’s technological species to a close is the Borg.

A relentless cyborg collective, the Borg assimilate whole worlds, adapting their technology and turning the invasion’s survivors into more Borg through nanotechnology and surgical implantation. All Borg are connected through a shared consciousness that allows the instantaneous transfer of information. First appearing in The Next Generation 2×16 Q Who, the Borg appeared irregularly in that series but were the antagonist in Star Trek: First Contact and were common adversaries in later episodes of Star Trek: Voyager.

Assimilated individuals can be partially restored through corrective surgery, but this is a time consuming process that is not viable on a large scale. Even if an individual can be unassimilated, it is not typically possible to remove all Borg nanites or implants, and most survivors require prosthetic limbs or organs to replace amputated extremities. In addition to any physical or mental trauma, many continue to sense the Collective or are susceptible to Borg signals.

As the Borg were not truly encountered until the mid-24th Century (time travel aside), liberated Borg characters are unknown prior to that era. Survivors of the battle at Wolf 359 or Sector 001 (as seen in 4×01 The Best of Both Worlds Part 2 and Star Trek: First Contact) could have been partially assimilated and recovered. It’s also possible scientists experimenting on Borg technology could become accidentally exposed to Borg nanites that begin the assimilation process. And deep space explorers or research vessels could be assaulted by Borg scout vessels.

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Freed Borg

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  1. “Nanites” in “Regenerative Nanites” is misspelled as “Naiites” on the PDFs.

  2. Nice! Should I keep posting edits in their respective posts? Or is that too cumbersome/annoying?

  3. Any glaring errors I’ll post in their respective pages. If I ever take the time to do edits of multiple pages, I’ll compile them in a Word docfile and issue it via the Contact tab.

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