The Son’a

The Son’a could be an interesting adversary for a campaign set in the Next Generation Era. They first appeared in STAR TREK: INSURRECTION, but were mentioned in Deep Space Nine as well. Their origins (see Insurrection) preclude them from appearing in earlier eras of play, however. Very little is known about the Son’a. They are likely to be a mysterious race if encountered in 2371, known only as an independent power near the Briar Patch region of space in the Beta Quadrant. They subjugated two other species, the Tarlac and Ellora, who serve them without question. During the Dominion War (circa 2375), the Son’a sided with the Dominion and produced ketracel-white at their facility on Devos II.

Driven by an unquenchable need to prolong their lifespans, the Son’a would make great antagonists for stories that involve longevity. This could involve genetic experiments, medical innovations, temporal phenomena, regeneration and other kinds of rejuvenation processes. Their ships are also powerful, with dangerous isolytic burst weaponry that has been banned by the second Khitomer Accords. In a Dominion War arc, they may appear as allies to the Dominion.

Stats are provided below in a single PDF for the Son’a Officer (Minor NPC), the Son’a Subahdar (Notable NPC), the Tarlac Underling (Minor NPC), the Ellora Underling (Minor NPC), the Son’a Destroyer (Scale 4 starship), and the Son’a Battle Cruiser (Scale 6 starship).

If you require a Major NPC, you can modify the stats of the Son’a Subahdar to create an Ahdar.

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