So Proud – Our Ship Has A Commemorative Plaque


Recently, Tony Pi wrote an article about plaques on starships that carry the ship’s motto.  Of course, I am proud to say that the well-documented adventures of the U.S.S. Pioneer are going to earn their place in the history books.

I want to thank one of our awesome players and proprietor of The Flying Spatula Diner, Greg Galoska, for creating our ship’s official plaque.

It makes our universe so legit!

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  1. I did this a couple of months ago and pasted my version on the STA FB page. My crews ship is the USS Leichardt. All except for my crews names, all the others are people that either helped Ludwig Leichardt (the australian/ prussian explorer) or went with him on his missions or were actually designers of the Intrepid class. My group loved it, gives them a sense of pride.

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