Replicator Resource: Complication Cards Part 3, Starbase

Welcome to another installment of Complication Cards. While the previous cards focused on Personal and Starship Complications, and Systems Complications, this one is specifically for things that can go wrong on a Starbase. While it’s possible to use the other Complication Cards for Starbases as well (as some systems are present in both starships and starbases), there are enough unique subsystems on a Starbase that a separate Card seems appropriate. Most of these are drawn from the Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, although systems common to Federation technology were selected (instead of Cardassian systems).

Starbase Complication Card PDF

SpaceStationComplicationCard.xlsxLike the Systems Complication Card, you can randomly roll or select a specific starbase subsystem, and either dictate the Complication to be a +1 Difficulty to Tasks and assistance rolls requiring the Department column, or a +1 Difficulty to Tasks and assistance rolls requiring the System indicated by the row.



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