Ten Forward Fridays: Lukari

Welcome to Ten Forward Fridays, where a new playable species is presented for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.
July’s theme is Star Trek Online, the MMORPG by Cryptic/ Perfect World. This week is is the Lukari, who were created for the Season 11: New Dawn.

The Lukari are a fun species, being a new, affable species that is just starting to venture out into space. There’s an innocence or naivety to the Lukari, as they’re less jaded by the wonders of the galaxy. As outsiders to galactic politics, the Lukari a great species for new players: they can be introduced to the galaxy and its various factions alongside the player. While many Lukari are still nervous about space travel, others are exceptionally curious and willing to work alongside Starfleet or the Klingon Defence Force. A campaign could easily focus on their entry into the Federation, the struggles of a planet trying to balance their traditional values with those of this new empire that is two-hundred years more advanced.

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  1. What are all the parts to the Lukari Uniform you have pictured? I would love to build a copy in game….STO {PC}

    1. Sadly, I think I took pictures of NPCs in the game for this. One of them will follow you around (Kuumaarke) and assist on a few missions and IIRC I took screen shots of that.
      But I believe you can get most of the assets from the Colony fleet location and Lukari reputation unlocks.

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