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Greetings everyone. My name is “Jester” David Gibson, and I’m the author of Ten Forward Fridays and Starship Sundays here at Continuing Mission: the Star Trek Adventures fansite.

As of a few weeks ago, I’m also the administrator.

This page was started by Mark Meredith of dicemonkey.net. However, as his opportunities to play the game were limited, he decided to hand over management of the site to its authors. Myself and Michael Dismuke were promoted.

I don’t want assume promotion and immediately make sweeping changes throughout the site. But prior to the transition I had been considering winding down my two blog series: after over a year, I’ve done a lot of content. More than will likely be used in most campaigns, and I was drifting into more and more obscure species and starships. I didn’t want to end up making content for the sake of more content.

I’m not cancelling those blogs, but making them irregular. I still have a few starships and species I want to do, but these tended to be ones that defied easy classification in a theme month.

In place of that content, I plan on start releasing more opponents for the game. This has long been an absence in the site, and I want to start filling out the ranks of species that are inappropriate for players, and detailing both NPCs and starships of some species that I’ve already detailed. It will be fun to do some Tholian ships, write-up the Undine/Species-8472, and more.

I hope you stick around and keep visiting this side and playing Star Trek Adventures.



  1. Thanks for all the good things you gave us, it’s really great.

    A little topic suggestion that maybe could be useful for all: crew members like npc.

    There are many people on board. We do not know who they are, what they do, what their personality is, what they like, what their secrets, weaknesses and strengths are, etc.

    Having a crew member npc gallery that are not just “shadows” would allow roleplaying and relationship ideas.

    A member crew with background, stats and one of your cool illustrations would be very usefull in game.

    1. There are the various Tuesday’s at Quarks that provide detailed NPCs.
      But having a generic ship’s “crew compliment” would be a fun idea for a one-off article.

  2. Another salute to all that you’ve done and to your continued work. Seeing a new post on CM makes my day better.

  3. Might I suggest ‘Small Craft September’ for Starship Sundays? Provide statblocks for the various shuttlecraft the books don’t give us?

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