Takeshi Yamato Challenges Fans with Character Creation Exercises

I spend a lot of time interviewing the writers, artists, and staff at Modiphius. But let’s be honest, gamers. The fans are the authors of their own adventures. And Star Trek Adventures makes constant improvements due to the thousands of people playing, refining, and even redefining the game on a weekly basis.

One such unsung hero is Takeshi Yamato. I met Takeshi after I mistakenly tinkered with the threat level of a holodeck exercise he was engaged in that resulted in him knocked out by a bat’leth to the chin. After he came to (quite gingerly in my lap, I might add), I had the chance to ask him some questions.

Hi. I’m Michael. Sorry about that. I was assigned to do a level 3 diagnostic on the photonic emitters. I forgot to check to see if there was an active program first.

Hello, I’m Takeshi Yamato.

Since you are here resting comfortably on my lap, can I ask you a few questions?


What do you like best about Star Trek Adventures?

One of the things I like more than playing game systems like Star Trek Adventures is looking at builds people make, primarily for characters. And so, I started a series of threads on the STA Reddit called ‘Character Creation Thought Exercises‘.

art character creation

Really? How does that work?

Each week, I’ll pick a theme and post a new thread for people to create characters based on that theme, using the Lifepath System. The first six I did had one of each Discipline as their themes.

I started with Command Officers. But, I have Character Creation Thought Exercises for Conn, Security, Engineering, Science, and Medical officers.

You know that is wicked insane, right? Are you done?

Nope. Now that those are done, I’ll start branching out. In Star Trek, the ship is every bit as much a main character as the actual cast. As such, I’ve also started some ‘Ship Building Thought Exercises‘ on Reddit, as well. As with Characters, I’m starting with Mission Profiles for Themes and will branch out after I post the Multimission Explorer exercise.

More people should know about this, Takeshi!

Now, with help from friends I’ve made here at Continuing Missions, these exercises are being provided for everyone to look at and try their hand at!

You are a generous and benevolent soul. I’m so glad I messed with the holographic controls and accidentally knocked you out so that you ended up in my lap having this discussion. What else do we have to look forward to?

New Character and Ship Exercises will be available each week on Sunday. We’ll try and keep the links updated. However, any and all exercises will still be open even if a new one is posted until the threads are Archived by Reddit. And because Archiving is something Reddit does every six months, every 25th exercise for both Characters and Ships will be a ‘Recap’, allowing people on that thread to use themes from all previous threads.

You are truly a Star Trek Adventures super fan! You know, we are really fortunate to have you.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. Um, can I get up now?

(Patting Takeshi’s head.) Just a few more moments. This is nice.

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